When the Mind is too full to be mindful

When the Mind is too full to be mindful

Today is going to be a day of mindfulness. I confirmed that intention after waking up.

I wanted eggs for breakfast. I’m usually not ready to eat until about 2 hours after getting up, and at least 30 minutes after I’ve had coffee. It was 9:30 on a sunny Buffalo morning when I decided breakfast is eggs.

Bought fresh eggs last night. Found eggs with sell-by date 12/02/16 in fridge. Good ones. Organic, level 4, pasture raised healthy eggs. How long do they keep? It took me three attempts to call the farm. I distracted myself with coffee, Instagram, Facebook, and running to the bathroom. Farm says they can’t answer the question, referred me to the USDA. I look up their webpage as I am holding to speak to a person, but it takes so long to load so I check my phone and get distracted by all the email notifications. One from a coaching colleague who sent an adorable family picture. I have to write to her and thank her, before I forget. In the meantime, I am boiling 4 of the old eggs to see what they smell like. Oh, I forgot to call the USDA. Shoot, wasn’t I on hold just a minute ago? Call dropped. Their website says 3-5 weeks after the sell by date, the eggs should be used. Ugh. Wait. My coaching buddy responded right away. Happy me! The eggs smell notsogood. I toss them and apologize to the universe and all the hungry people in my neighborhood. I boil fresh water.

I decide to get a grip on this frazzledness and set the timer for 5 minutes after I lower the fresh eggs into the boiling water. I will give myself 5 minutes to respond to my friend’s note.

I find myself getting up for no reason, headed towards the stove. I set a timer, so damn Ki, stay put until it rings. I write to my friend, and get up again. I notice that I got up for no reason … 3 times.

The timer finally rings. I pour out the hot water and scare the eggs with cold water. Makes it easier to peel them later.

I had to write this down.

Today, and this week, maybe longer, is a day, a week of focus. That was my intention when I went to bed last night, and when I got up. I wanted to spend my time mindfully. Aware of what I am doing. Observant, not judging. I noticed that with so many incentives, inspiring thoughts and impulses, my mind is full. Being mindful, I noticed my mind is too full to focus. What helped was structure, and the boundary set by time. Having the limited amount of time for a task, or an activity segment, helped tremendously. I noticed how long those five boiling minutes were. I noticed how much I was able to get done in that time by simply sitting back down after getting up for no reason, and focusing on replying to my friend. I wouldn’t lose time, because I had set the timer.

It’s 12:30 now. Lunchtime. I will be eating my breakfast. I am hungry now.

Mindfulness will have me set the timer again.

It helps keep things in perspective.

Ki Woyke

Published January 6th, 2017
by Ki Woyke