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About Ki

Hello, I’m Ki Woyke.

I am a coach and transition strategist. The Ki Line is my way to help you get unstuck by having powerful conversations to discovery your full potential and your calling.

The successful approach of The Ki Line lies in a combination of strategy, empathy, reading subtext and laying bare those lies you tell yourself about why you can’t succeed, or live purposefully, or be happy.

My clients are often highly gifted creatives and analytical introverts. You are visionaries, driven, empathetic, and innovative. You know that coaching is not problem-solving, but something much more powerful: a process that allows you to unfold all of your passions and talents while moving through those internal blocks that have held you back all these years.

Having moved through an eclectic international work and life history, I developed tools and a gentle, yet direct intuitive approach in holding conversations that will transform your life.


Institute for Excellence in Coaching, iPEC

Certified Professional Coach (Institute for Excellence in Coaching, iPEC)

ACC, accredited by the International Coaching Certification

Associate Certified Coach (ACC, accredited by the International Coaching Certification)

Master Practitioner, Energy Leadership Index

Master Practitioner, Energy Leadership Index


  • M.A. Masters degree in American and Oriental Studies (University of Würzburg, Germany)


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The Ki Line Approach

From tunnel vision to the big picture: in the envision phase, we explore where you are. We map where you want to be, and see what else is there. This phase brings out hidden gems, gifts, new talents, relevant life history, backburner dreams, and connects mind, body, heart, and gut.

Redesigning your foundation, shaping the goal, mapping your steps to the top: the empower phase gets practical. You commit to action and tell me how you want to be held accountable. While you see small results immediately, true transformation happens with consistent action over time.

As you succeed, flow is generated with purpose. This is where momentum carries your project or vision to a tangible place. The experience is different for everyone. What unites all is the experience of a shift in energy and awareness. Here is where you make change work in your favor and design a strategy that will help you maintain the momentum.